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7 years ago
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API and SSO requirements

AlertSite needs to think about how the API will work with SSO required for an organization, You might need to create a new type of user that is API only and is not bound by SSO requirements.

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  • Indeed!


    We recently released the ability to exclude specific AlertSite users from SSO requirement in order to support currently unsupported paths to AlertSite.  This will allow customers to create a login specific for REST API access while still enforcing SSO for console access.


    To be transparent, the following paths do not currently support SSO:


    • REST API
    • SoapUI Plugin
    • ReadyAPI Plugin
    • Firefox DejaClick extension

    We just release an update to the Chrome DejaClick extension (v1.4.0.0) that is SSO-compatible.


    Awesome feedback.  Thanks!