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  • Hi Sharan,


    Could you please elaborate the issue like you are unable to use entire plugin or some part of it? 

    Please tell us the version you are trying to install as well?




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    Earlier am having Jira V.8.20.11, this Zephyr squad plugin is working fine. Last week I have upgraded my Jira to V9.4.2. Post upgrade this plugin is not working. Please see the attachment for reference

    This is my plugin Version :

    Please let me know if any queries

  • Sharan 

    Thanks for the info,


    Please perform hard reindex for the problematic project. if still problem persists raise support ticket with all logs and screenshots.




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    How to perform project level re-index?, if possible can you please share the steps

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      Sure below are the steps.


      You must logged in as admin to perform below steps.

      1. Settings --> Manage Apps --> General configuration (under zephyr Squad) --> Click on Reindex tab --> choose the project -> select the project and click on hard reindex. 


      Note: your zephyr functionality will not be available till the reindex operation completed so recommended to perform this off business hours to reduce the down time.