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4 years ago

Zephyr Jira integration api Issue - Generated JWT token is inconsistent

Generated JWT is not working for api's which has parameters.

For Ex. Get Cycles list Api is not working for me

             But Get Config Api is working fine

Given jar file in the link - is also not latest it seems. And I downloaded the same jar and used in my local. Even this is not working and looks like this jar is broken. 

Kindly assist as to resolve this

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    Hi Dhilipan ,


    Please note that for each type of request you have to create a new jwt specific to the same api request. If you could share a screenshots from your eclipse on how you have generated the token and what is the out come of the same in postman that would be helpful.




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      I have generated JWT as mentioned in the referenced document. Kindly refer the snapshot for token generation and its corresponding error message in the postman.