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4 years ago

Zephyr - GET request return invalid JSON still

Hi. I have a troubles with endpoint Get Step Result By execution ->







Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: JWT ...
zapiAccessKey: MDRiZGJmNDAtOTI....






executionId: bacf0888-4be9-4e07-8474-559daafddfc84
issueId: 15550






  "errorType": "ERROR",
  "clientMessage": "Invalid Json",
  "errorCode": 151




Also i have an question about stepResultID, it is possible to get it only from mentioned (on the up) endpoint ? 


Thanks for response.

Lukas Pollak

  • Ok. So i am doing it in the same way like u. But it is good that u have sent me a screenshot. I found in your OPEN API -that u has required Content-type (not possible unclick), but with content-type it is not working and therefore i spent on it much time, but thanks to your screenshots i found the reason.

    See on the attached screenshots
    Thanks for response.


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