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4 years ago

ZAPI Returns Duplicate Test Executions

We have Zephyr for Jira to manage our test executions. We also use the Zeprhyr rest api (zapi/latest/zql/executeSearch?zqlQuery=to extract the test executions. The issue we have is that the resultset of that api call returns duplicate test executions. We inspected the identical records and there doesn't seem to be any difference between the identical records. Is this a known issue? Thanks.

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    kbalcora ,


    Could you please use the same ZQL in the JIRA UI and compare the same to the zql results in the API response too? If you the count matches, then there is nothing wo worry about.



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      Hi Bibek,


      I used the same query in Jira and I see the same resultset as the API (see attached). My question is how do I differentiate one test execution from the other? When I open the test (MEAHW-131) I see one test execution, it was a clone of MEAHW-10 and executed as well. I have attached screenshots for you. Thanks for the help!


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    I am having a similar experience. When searching test executions for a project for the tests which have never been executed, I receive duplicates.  I can see that the issue is that the tool counts each "unexecuted" status for a test when found for each version / cycle. The example I share below, thus counts the test twice.


    My aim is to identify the count of unique test which have never been executed.


    It doesn't appear there is a way to limit via ZQL and JQL doesn't recognize executionStatus as a field.  Does ZQL not have similar syntax to SQL where I can limit my result?


    For example:

    Test 1

    1) It is also in FixVersion ABC / Cycle 1
    3) It is also in FixVersion ABC /  Cycle 2


    Example from Search Test Executions:



    Thank you!