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11 months ago

Re ordering Test Cases INSIDE Test Cycles and Folders - SmartBear you've let me down.

I'm really struggling with how to present my Test Cases in Zephyr Squad for Cloud in way that is logical for my Testers and the clients who come in to witness Testing.


No matter what I do, I can't find a work around for the fact that, unlike server, it isn't possible to re order tests inside test cycles.  It isn't possible for us to create Tests in a specific order, as we create tests and then combine them into a cycle for factory acceptance testing.  This report is extracted and sent to our clients before testing commences.


On Server I could re order the tests in their folder and create a report showing our client our planned schedule of tests and I now absolutely can't.  I've had to dump out the cycle into a spreadsheet, re order it there, send the spreadsheet to the client and then use a bloody spreadsheet to determine the order of testing and my Tester has had to look through the folder to find the test he has to run next.  Makes us look like idiots in front of our clients.


The whole thing is way to large to combine all the steps into a single test (368 tests, each of between 20 and 150 steps - and that's just one product) and I'm at a loss.


This is utterly unacceptable.  SmartBear have been unhelpful with their support person repeatedly telling me it's ok because I can reorder the  Cycles themselves.  What kind of test management software doesn't let you decide what order you'd like to run your tests in?


I really, really need a solution to this and urgently.

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    Thank you Sanjeev,


    I have booked a meeting with you for Monday.  I should be able to explain how difficult the move to Cloud has made things for us.


    Kind regards



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    Hello SuW

    we just got the same issue in our cloud tenant. We don't find a solution for this either. Have you resolved it?

    Kind Regards


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    Any clarity on how this is not an implicit requirement?

    All of our test cases can pretty much stand alone, so running in any order is fine. When tests have to run in a certain flow we put them into folders, but in terms of priority during the beginning of cycle it would be great to have a few that are always ones we do first not based on priority alone. For us it is just plain to make the job of a tester more logical, it really helps to be able to have a defined order simply to make the way testers will mark work as done less random.

    Grouping tests, can be done by folder, but when you can see all the tests in a feature in one place it gets easier to spot when a flow is missing a boundary case or a negative-case when you are able to bunch related tests manually. Even if it is ability to "sort" on a field that will help I guess. Thanks.