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March 2022 | Zephyr Squad Community News

Greetings Zephyr Squad Community,


Welcome to the March Community News. We prepared a list of the most interesting and exciting topics from the previous month, active contributors and much more.



Next month, we will announce the quarterly community leaders. We decide the leaders based on the number of Kudos. So, if you see a great reply to a community question, don't hesitate to give it Kudos. Here are the most active contributors of the past month:



Folks, great activity! Keep it up! You have great chances to earn the Q1 2022 Community Leader status.

Read the 3 Simple Steps to Become a ReadyAPI Community Leader article to learn more about the Leader program.


Community members, if you find answers to your questions helpful, don’t hesitate to give Kudos to the posts. This is a great way to thank the author of the answer!


Zephyr Squad academy

We offer great online training to help you get started with Zephyr Squad. You can attend our bi-weekly live classes to learn the product and get answers to your questions live. In March we plan 2 classes - on March 2nd and March 16th.

Reserve your seat.


Also, you can watch on-demand classes, pass course exams and earn a certificate! Enroll in the courses on the Academy page



In February, the product team released many improvements for Zephyr Squad. Here are some of them:

  • New "Disable Wiki Formatting" option added
  • Support for Jira Server and Data Center versions: 8.22.0, 8.20.6, and 8.13.18
  • Bug fixes

Read the Zephyr Squad Cloud Release Notes and Zephyr Squad Server Release Notes articles to learn about these and other updates. If you’re interested in Zephyr Squad, start a free trial.



We had so many great conversations in February. Feel free to post the topics you found interesting. This is our list:

  1. Traceability Matrix Does Not Filter 
  2. Add tests to cycle via API 
  3. Error code 104 on any request 
  4. Cannot create new execution using Zephyr Squad Server REST API 



You can find some questions you know an answer to. Please check out this list of topics. Is there anything you can suggest? 


That’s all for now. Have a question or comment? Please feel free to let us know. 


/SmartBear Community Team 

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