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Cannot create new execution using Zephyr Squad Server REST API

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Cannot create new execution using Zephyr Squad Server REST API

I am currently trying to create a new execution for a test using this example from the API:


However it does not seem to work when I pass a similar request body to the given endpoint. I am able to change data on current executions by using a Put request, but apparently not perform a POST request on the endpoint provided by the API. 

What might be the cause of this? Should the admin allow such changes first, or?



I am -

  • Using Zephyr Squad Server.
  • Using Basic Authentication.
  • Using Content-Type: application/json - header


Request body (example):

    "cycleId": "1",
    "issueId": "26660",  
    "projectId": "32067"
Response body:
Since it's just the standard Jira 404 Not Found page, it seems redundant to include.
However, if nessecary then it can be found here:
Please comment if more information is needed, thanks!
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I figured it out.


For those curious, then the problem was that I applied the example url: 


- and replaced localhost:2990 with the hostname of our organization. However, the /jira/ would apparently also have to be deleted.



So the API call was instead made to:


- which worked perfectly.


Maybe I was just stupid, smh.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for sharing your solution with us!

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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