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2 years ago

Jira displaying a blank page when clicking on the small "E" button (Execute) in Test Cycle list view

Upon clicking on Execute "the small E button" in the test cycle list, the user will see a blank page with a Jira header on top. This is happening across browsers like Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Sometimes it works after clearing the cache/cookie but sometimes doesn't. Hence the issue is intermittent. The issue is also applicable to all projects within Jira.

Currently, the running Zephyr version is

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  • Hi,


    Have you tried reindexing your project?


    Login as an adminstrator,

    Navigate to Settings --> Manage Apps --> General Configuration (under Zephyr squad section)

    Reindex ( right side tab) --> Choose the project, select hard reindex and click on reindex.


    Note: Your zephyr functionality will not be available until reindexing process finished.