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3 years ago

issues with zfjcloud api documentaion or zephyr squad api create-execution endpoint

Good morning, evening or afternoon 😉

I am currently merging some jira cloud zephyr squad data instances into 1 instance and having issues with the documentaion and or the api

The current issue I am having is related to the create-execution not working as the documentation reads
according to

The the following fields do not get added when creating an execution even tho it is opitonal.

JSON Object Details

To me this means you can pass the fields `status` and `id` to the create endpoint to create the execution with those values. with the ID field being listed telling me that you can make an immutable ID. This would be handy if merging from another instance to make look/reference eaiser with out.   Both the `status` and `id` fields are ignored.

if I then update the same execution then the status updates, which means 2 api calls.   I believe the API endpoint should be able to at least change the `status` on creation.  or have a force option to set those values safely (for purposes of migration of data)

Speaking of migration..   we would also need to migration of the following fields

`creationDate`, `createdBy`, `createdByAccountId`, `executedByAccountId`, `executedByZapi`, `modifiedBy`, `modifiedByAccountId`

How is this possible to migrate the data from these fields also?

I have noticed when doing an updating the status (becuase we cant do it on creation) the excuted by is set by the api user and.. this is why we need to allow adding/updating those above fields


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