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2 years ago

Is it possible to filter for tests if the case contains steps or not?

I realise this is an odd question considering you wouldn't expect to have a test case without test steps, but the issue we have is that we've merged companies and merged several Jira systems into one.

We now have the situation where our old Jira Cloud environment was migrated over to a new Cloud environment but when the Zephyr data was merged over, not all of the tests contain their test steps.
I was hoping for a simple way to identify those which are missing steps so we can determine if another import is required to try to resolve it or, if only a few, manually correct them.


Many thanks for any help



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  • We've managed to get around the problem as it turned out the missing steps were due to the Cloud to Cloud migration and our IT team only bringing across the first 1000 test cases (Jira export limit). 
    We have an additional 250 so we simply searched for the tests and then reversed the sort order by ID and this gave us the test cases with the missing steps. 
    With a bit of excel editing we were able to import  them.
    If you have more than 2000 tests, this might be a harder.