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2 years ago

Error response from Zephyr Squad API when creating folder under cycle



While trying to use the API provided here:

- to create a folder under a cycle by calling (HTTP POST) this endpoint <base_url>/rest/zapi/latest/folder/create with the following JSON structure:

    "clonedFolderId": -1
- I recieve an unexpected error response:
    "error""Error while processing the request, please try after sometime."
This response does not seem to be covered in the above-mentioned documentation, and I haven't come across this error when using other endpoints. I am therefore left wondering, what might cause this error. If anyone has any clue, then I'd be happy to hear it. I'll also look further into this and post the reason if it's ever found.
Thanks in advance!

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    Just use this Body:

      "cycleId": 13337,

    Regards, Hans