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2 years ago

cicd automation integration script returns 500 Error in input



I'm trying to send test junit test results to JIRA using the provided integration script:


When the script runs, the response to the curl request is "status":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","message":"Error in input","path":"/api/v1/automation/job/saveAndExecute"


The call to saveAndExecute does create the automation task in JIRA, but when i try to execute manually I receive the error: "Found invalid file format. Please provide valid file to import with respect to configured framework."


The results file that I am uploading via the script uploads and executes manually without issue.

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  • I was not able to get the curl request working no matter what I did. 
    You should be able to make the call work in any scripting language or postman. 

    Just make sure the Content-Type is multipart/form-data or else it wont read the files correctly.