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4 years ago

BDD support for JIRA server

Is Zephyr's BDD feature enabled for JIRA server? My project admin cannot see the setting where we can enable BDD for Zephyr. Please let me know.

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    Hi arpadman , 


    We will definitely forward this to our product team for a feature request.


    <Edited Reply> Below is the instruction for Cloud version of Zephyr, please feel free to review the same.


    BDD is enabled by default for all projects. If needed, you can disable or enable BDD for specific projects individually.

    To enable or disable BDD for a specific project, navigate to Project settings > Zephyr - BDD/Cucumber and switch the toggle on or off





  • Hi,


    The BDD feature is not yet available for Jira Server or the DC environment. It is currently only available for the Zephyr for Jira on the cloud platform.


    If you think this is a feature that is important to you and would want to see this implemented on Server/DC then you can help shape the roadmap of Zephyr for Jira Server/DC by submitting a support ticket with the request so that the product team can consider the same.


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      Thank you for your reply.  Our project recently moved to Zephyr for test management and we write our scenarios in Gherkin (BDD). I see Cucumber studio for JIRA server, does a similar ask. Is that an alternate option?

  • Currently Zephyr for Jira server doesnt have this feature.





  • arpadman , Cristiano here, I'm Zephyr for Jira product manager. I'd like to learn more about your specific requirements and use case. Would mind sending me a message directly at ( so we can dig deeper around your BDD/Cucumber needs. Take care.