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2 years ago

API - Update Test Cycle - Invalid JSON Error 151

I'm using the API to update Zephyr Squad within JIRA. Whether through my scripting, or directly through (even using the format of the example body), I'm receiving an Invalid JSON error when updating an existing test cycle -


Headers: Content-Type (application/json), Authorization (script generated JWT), and zapiAccessKey


{ "name": "", "build": "", "environment": "auto", "description": "DESCRIPTION", "startDate": "2022-03-02", "endDate": "2022-03-03", "versionId": [VERSION_ID], "projectId": [PROJECT_ID], "id": "[CYCLE_ID]" }



  • content-type:application/json;charset=utf-8
  • content-length:68
  • access-control-allow-origin:*
  • access-control-allow-methods:OPTIONS,GET,HEAD,POST,PUT,DELETE,TRACE,CONNECT
  • access-control-expose-headers:
  • access-control-max-age:10
  • date:Wed, 09 Mar 2022 20:35:09 GMT
  • connection:close
  • {
  • "errorType": "ERROR",
  • "clientMessage": "Invalid Json",
  • "errorCode": 151
  • }


Also tried with the apiary example's "clearCustomFieldsFlag": true and "sprintId": null.


Any obvious fields that I'm missing, or formatting issues with the JSON? 


Many Thanks.

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