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6 months ago

Zephyr Scale test case attachment API

I am currently working on helping migrate test cases from one test case management system to Zephyr Scale. I noticed while looking over the API documentation there does not seem to be a way for us to programmatically upload attachments to test cases. Is there something I am missing or another way that I could possibly accomplish this?

I did find this same questions at the below link but it seems there was no answer on that. Any help would be appreciated:

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    We were on a tight deadline to move from Squad to Scale and couldnt wait for Smartbear and their migration tool  (Should be ready for public use in January, but I have low expectations about it) so we wrote a tool and did it ourself.  We NEVER managed to import attachements, it seems the Scale API has nothing about it.  I tried getting support, and see if thy could help us, all I had as for answers were : we do not support migration from Squad to Scale.  Please join our beta bla bla.  We managed to move the attachements from the the Squad test cases and Squad executions and put them in the Jira Test issue type with their execution dates and times as for item names.  We will use it as archive.  We also have the corresponding jira key and id in the Scale test case as reference.  Good luck.

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      Thanks for responding Marie-B it is very much appreciated. I figured that is the way this was heading as well. Cheers!