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3 years ago

Zephyr Scale - Is there any way to move tests/cycles/plans etc as opposed to copying via import?

Possibly a bit of a newbie question but my organisation has a need to move a large number of test cases, test cycles and test plans from one Jira project to a different one. Is this possible in Zephy...
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    3 years ago



    so, actually moving test cases (meaning, removing them from one and adding them to another project including history and executions) is not possible out of the box in ZS. I say "out of the box" because there is a way to do this using the internal API which is risky and I would advise against if you do not know exactly, what you are doing. You can mess up a lot of stuff using the internal API. 😛 We have actually done this and it was (a small) project in itself with a lot of implementation and testing efforts. And since the internal API might change without prior notice, you can run into all sorts of problems, if you're not careful.


    The question for me would be, why you need to move the test cases in the first place. Maybe you could leave them in the old project and just use them in the new one?


    We have also requested this from the ZS support quite a while ago but nothing has happened as of yet.


    Corresponding ideas: <-- moving test cycles/plans <-- moving test cases


    Give them a vote and keep your fingers crossed. 🙂