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2 months ago

Update Property of all Test Cases in a Test Cycle Using jUnit Automation Execution

I have a CI/CD process that is running a suite of dotnet Selenium tests where we output the results to a junit.xml file that is uploaded to our JIRA integration using the API endpoint.

Is it possible to update the Environment field on Test Cases within the Test Cycle using either the API call or by creating an XML transform to add the environment property and value? 

Here is an example of an output .XML file

  <testsuite name="Testing.dll" tests="1" skipped="0" failures="0" errors="0" time="117.85" timestamp="2024-03-25T15:03:41" hostname="fv-az1045-531" id="0" package="Testing.dll">
        <property name="Environment Run" value="Dev" />
    <testcase classname="KBArticleFixture(&quot;Chrome&quot;)" name="QUAL_T217_ShouldBeAbleToViewKBArticles(&quot;;)" time="117.8500000">

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