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4 years ago

To retrieve test cases linked to an JIRA Issue?

I want to extract Link information using Zephyr Scale's API for JIRA Issue and traceability review. Specifically, we want to create RTM through Tableau BI. However, it seems that the link information for the JIRA Issue cannot be obtained. In the existing Server API (V1), it was accessible through /issuelink/{issueKey}/testcases, but not in V2. Is there a solution to this?

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    Hi, DRAQA!


    You can try using this endpoint: /rest/tests/1.0/issue/{{issueId}}/tracelinks?maxResults=5&startAt=0


    Please note that this is not an official solution and this endpoint might change at any time without previous notice.


    If you'd like to see this feature officially supported in the public API, please file a feature request at the Ideas Portal: Zephyr Scale Server/DC Ideas 


    I hope you find this useful,