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3 years ago

Test Execution Report | Include additional Information (Comment)

Hello Community! There's a simple way (or the right report..) to show comments on test executions's list reports? We would like to show some comments in reports when for example the execution was blocked. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!

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    Have you tried the dataset export option (top right-hand corner) of the test execution report.  The dataset is not configurable but if it returns the comments related field(s) that may be an option for you.  Sadly, as at this time the reports are not configurable so if you can't see it, you can't change it.


    Best, Andy

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      "Have you tried the dataset export option (top right-hand corner) of the test execution report."


      Comments don't appear to be included in the dataset export. These are the columns provided in a dataset export:

      • Jira.Project
      • Execution.Key
      • Execution.Assigned To
      • Execution.Type
      • Execution.Execution Date
      • Execution.Actual
      • Execution.Estimated
      • Execution.Result
      • Execution.Environment
      • Execution.Linked Issues
      • Execution.Count of Linked Issues
      • Execution.Unit S/N
      • Test Cycle.Key
      • Test Cycle.Name
      • Test Cycle.Description
      • Test Cycle.Folder
      • Test Cycle.Status
      • Test Cycle.Version
      • Test Cycle.Owner
      • Test Cycle.Planned Start Date
      • Test Cycle.Planned End Date
      • Test Case.Key
      • Test Case.Name
      • Test Case.Component
      • Test Case.Owner
      • Test Case.Created By
      • Test Case.Created On
      • Test Case.Version
      • Test Case.Estimated
      • Test Case.Objective
      • Test Case.Precondition
      • Test Case.Status
      • Test Case.Folder
      • Test Case.Labels
      • Test Case.Priority
      • Test Case.Traceability.Issue
      • Test Case.Traceability.Weblink
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        I am still searching for a execution report be flexible to extend the excel export columns also for execution.comments?
        This discussion above is 3 years old. Is there any update in the meanwhile? 
        thank you,
        best regards

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    Sadly nothing has changed.  The Test execution results (detailed) report does report comments, but does not export the comment data.  You could copy & paste into Excel, but it's a replication of the report so you don't get a row & column view for analysis to work.

    If you have the skills or access to someone with them, you could try the API for test executions, e.g. GET/testexecutions certainly seems to have the capability to report comments:



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      thank you for your quick anwer
      - such kind of report/export restriction especially for "failed" or "blocked" tests but also for "passed" test execution with useful result data (of tested object id or version) is for me very disappointing - because we worked so far with Zephyr Squad and those comments are always part of the execution reports :-(
      I hope there will be in near future such kind of extended functionality in Scale product.