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4 years ago

Server version: how to mark test execution like "automation" via API

We have TM4J server version and create test execution via API. But we get "manual execution" in web form of test.

We don't use UserKey and AsignedTo like writing at 

"When you post a test-execution result using the API and include a username, it appears as a manual execution. This design allows you to mark an execution as manual, even if it has been added via the API."

How can we mark test execution as autorun?

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    Hi, paltsevpavel! Thank you for your question.


    On Zephyr Scale Server v8.0.3, posting an execution using the POST /rest/atm/1.0/testresult endpoint with a payload like the one below sets the execution as automated.



      "projectKey": "DEF",
      "testCaseKey": "DEF-T1"



    Can you please share with us the endpoint you're using and a payload sample?