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2 months ago

Searching for Zephyr Scale tests in Jira JQL

My team uses Zephyr Scale Cloud solution as a test case management solution, but we cannot search for test cases through JQL in Jira, which would be a pretty powerful thing to do.

I know at a previous company we used to have a full integration with JQL and folks could search by type=Test and basically use all Zephyr test case custom fields in their JQL queries. I just can't remember what flavor of Zephyr we had installed.

So do you guys know if it's possible with the Zephyr Scale Cloud solution to make this integration work?

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    Sadly, the JQL feature only works for the Server/DC versions of Zephyr Scale.  There is no Issue Type = Test option that us Cloud users can utilise to make this work.  I've had to work backwards to try and get similar results and use reports that are looking for test executions that have linked issues.