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3 years ago

Question for AQA. How to push TestNG automation test results into needed TestSycle?

Hi All,   I am test automation engineer. I try to integrate Zephyr Scale into my automation project.  I use this API call to do this:
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    3 years ago

    Hi Alex,
    the documentation might not be clear. But the planned start date and planned end date will be filled automatically when you upload your results.

    So you can simply remove the customFields attributes in the testCycle object.

    This hash for the test cycle object should work the way you expect it.

    "name": "Unique name",
    "folderId": 2053487


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    3 years ago

    Hi AlexQA!

    I'm glad you were able to use this feature and it's working for you.

    Regarding your request, I'm afraid we do not provide this feature yet, a new test cycle will always be created.

    There's an idea in our Ideas Portal requesting that feature. Feel free to upvote it and help gather interest around it: