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4 years ago

Problems with RESTAPI GET request

I am wanting to GET a test case through the Zephyr Scale RESTAPI within Jira. The project I am wanting to access is called 'CI' and the test case I am interested in is 'I2-T2'. Is there anyone who ca...
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    4 years ago

    OK, I think the problem is that you're mixing up two styles of GET calls for testcases.  You only need to provide the project key if you want to return ALL test cases for a project.  In that scenario you shouldn't provide a testcase key.


    For your scenario you want to return details about a single testcase and for that, you only need to provide the testcase key... so oddly enough, my first reply is probably right and this should work, although I can't test: 


    Let me know how it goes?





    Ignore this.  I've just seen that project key is needed in the Cloud API and that must be what you're using.  I'll take a look and see if I can spot anything to help.






    According to the API, you don't need to provide the project key.  You only need the testcase key.


    Here's an example of a working GET call for me - I'm on the Server version of Zephyr Scale so it might be why ours look different:



    That would mean that your call would look like this:



    Does that work?