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3 years ago


There seems to be some conflicting information on pricing for 10 or fewer users.  Does anyone know if <=10 users is actually free?
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    3 years ago



    Sorry about the confusing pricing information. Zephyr Scale is free for 10 or fewer "Atlassian Product" users. Atlassian bases all marketplace apps on number of Atlassian Product Users not number of users of the individual app. 


    So for example if you have 20 Jira users, but only 5 Zephyr Scale users, you would be charged (for all 20 jira users). This is how the Atlassian marketplace handles all their pricing for apps. So as long as you have less than 10 Atlassian Users then Zephyr Scale is free.


    We're going to get this updated so it's more clear. Please reply if you have anymore pricing questions.