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October 2021 | Zephyr Scale Community News

Hello Zephyr Scale Community!


Welcome to the October Community news. Updates include the Q3 Community Leaders announcement, SmartBear Connect results, a list of our most-discussed topics, and a new SmartBear Academy course.



We're happy to announce our Zephyr Scale Community Leaders for Q3 2021!


These people have shared so much valuable information about the product. The entire Community is grateful for all the wisdom they bring to the table! Q3 Community Leaders: MisterB  and josh42 


Each Community Leader will be rewarded with a $50 gift card from SmartBear and, depending on their location, maybe some exclusive SmartBear swag as well!


If you'd like to become a Community Leader in Q4, we created this article - 3 Simple Steps to Become a Zephyr Scale Community Leader. It's easier than you think😊



September brought exciting news for the SmartBear Academy - a new Zephyr Scale course: Zephyr Scale Manual Test Engineer.


In this course, you'll learn how to create and edit test cases, execute test cases individually or as part of a test cycle, and create and link defects. It also covers creating test cycles and test plans, working with traceability, and sharing across projects in a Jira instance. If you pass an exam at the end of the course, you'll get a course completion certificate!


Congratulations to all SmartBear Academy students who got certified after completing Zephyr Scale courses in September. They will receive a unique Academy Certified badge in the SmartBear Community: josh42htongolMisterBreprosserjulian_palmer     


Check out all free learning options for Zephyr Scale here!



In September, many of you attended our annual conference, SmartBear Connect. We hope you enjoyed the event and got lots of takeaways. If you want to re-watch some sessions, you can access the recordings here:


Access Connect 2021 On-Demand


Thanks for spending time with SmartBear and we'll see you next year!


ux research survey

Do you want to help co-create SmartBear’s products? Sign up to participate in UX research to share your valuable feedback. You’ll get the chance to win a $50 virtual gift card!


Please sign up HERE - it only takes 2 minutes. We’ll reach out once we match you to a research study. Thanks for your time!



September brought a lot of fruitful discussions to the Zephyr Scale Community. Here are the most active forum threads:


     - is there a limit on how many test cases can be created in Zephyr scale?
     - Test execution results by coverage - limit?
     - Api to get executions based on testcase key/id in zephyr scale
     - Owner field in test case import from CSV will not resolve
     - How to Delete a version


That’s all for today. Have a question or comment? Please feel free to let us know!

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    Wow!  Thanks sonya_m, and congratulations to my fellow community leaders!



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      Community Hero

      Thanks a bunch sonya_m and also MisterB . 🙂 I'll try and stay active and help out, where ever I can. 😉


      Also, if you want to see my face and hear my voice, check out the session "Success Stories: Delivering Quality Products at Speed and Scale with Zephyr" from the SmartBear Connect event.