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2 years ago

Link one bug to multiple test cases in a bulk edit

Does Zephyr Scale support 1 bug link to multiple test cases in bulk?

I am finding the way from Zephyr Scale plugin or from JIRA. None of the way can let me do bulk edit.

When I added existing test cases through JIRA, test cases will display in Test Cases>coverage but not  Test Executions> blocks. 

Therefore my bug still not link to the execution test cases in Zephyr. 

I still have to link bug to test case 1 by 1 from Zephyr. Is there another way or can we improve this? Thanks. 


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  • Since test cases are their own assets inside Zephyr Scale  (Zephyr Scale test cases are independent to Jira stories, tasks etc.), there's no way to bulk edit to link test cases to bugs using Jira's bulk edit feature. 


    However, There are a few options to link test cases to bugs (or other Jira issues) within Zephyr Scale: 

    - From the test case you can click on traceability tab, and then click the search for issues button. From here you can link multiple bugs/issues at once 


    - From the Jira issue itself by clicking into the menu for Scale and selecting "Add existing test case." From here you can then add multiple test cases at once. If you select "Add others" at the bottom, the modal will remain open so you can continue to add more test cases (this is helpful if you need to switch to another project's test case repository) 




    Hope this helps!