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4 years ago

[Inside Zephyr] Learn About Zephyr Scale Roadmap and History from Sr Product Manager

Hi everyone!
Welcome to Inside Zephyr. This is an online event over the course of which you will not only meet the Zephyr Team, but also learn a lot of exclusive insights and get the chance to win prizes!
Today’s Inside Zephyr interview is with Cristiano Caetano (CristianoCae), Senior Product Manager of Zephyr Scale and Zephyr Squad. Cristiano co-founded Zephyr Scale with Vitor Pelizza (watch an interview with vpelizza by this link).
In the interview, Cristiano touches upon the history of the product and reveals the Zephyr Scale roadmap for 2021. Enjoy!
After you watch the interview, join in the discussion and you could easily win a prize*!
Today's topic for discussion:

How often does your team release to production (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)? And, what is the optimal release schedule in your opinion?

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    To answer the question about release schedule, and what is optimal for me... there are many factors to consider of course but in general, during the early part of the software development lifecycle, I would choose to release aggressively in the beginning - weekly where possible - and then scale that back to zero activity as we enter key testing phases where we need stability to have confidence in the testing results, ramping it back up as we exit (or, adding a release into the testing phase if needed).  Basically, we have to be flexible and react to what is presented to us!



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      MisterB interesting insight, thanks for sharing. In your case, how do you test your releases? Manually, automated, mixed? I'd love to hear more on your specific scenario. Take care.

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        Hi Cristiano,


        Nice to hear from you.  Congratulations on a great product!


        For the project we've just delivered we had 100% manual execution with the vendor, third parties and business users utilising TM4J (and then Zephyr Scale) to execute tests over multiple test phases being run in parallel (not ideal, and challenging, but was necessary).


        It was my first time using Scale and I quickly became the resident 'expert', using the variety of tools and reports available (and exporting datasets to Excel, too) to bring to life where we were with our testing position.  As a result of this project, my client is now looking at other ways that Scale can be used within the company to manage all manner of projects.


        I hope to be able to use Scale more and more but in my new role with the same client (which I why for the moment I still have access to Scale), I'm working in another field - so here this is where the community board is invaluable and it's helping me to keep my skillset and knowledge active!


        Keep up the good work! 😊