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2 years ago

Importing test cases into Zephyr Scale from QAComplete (csv format)

When the test cases are exported from QAComplete in csv format, all steps are listed in one row i.e. title, description, test Id, steps, actual results are all in one row in the output file. Therefore when imported into Zephyr Scale, instead of seeing multiple test steps in the test scripts, only 1 step is recorded. In order to rerun/ reuse in Zephyr Scale, it means that the imported step will need to be separated in additional steps. How can this be overcome without manipulating the file (which is tedious) before importation?

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    I'd speak to the support team at SmartBear - they might be able to help.  Like you say the only other alternatives are to manually manipulate or if you know your Excel VBA, you could develop a script to do the conversion.


    SmartBear support are here