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4 years ago

Import testcases from Zephyr using tm4j-file-converter - comments are missing


While evaluating our options for migration of test cases from Zephyr (on premise) to Zephyr Scale (on premise) we stumbled upon an issue in data migration: comments are not present / migrated on imported test cases.

input file (from jira export) contains comments session, while output xml file is missing these.


What are the options / requirements in order to migrate test cases with comments?

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  • Hi pss-miracle,


    You are right, the XML import/export doesn't support comments. I'm afraid there are no APIs for importing comments too ğŸ˜ž


    Perhaps you could manipulate the generated XML file and add a link to the previous test case you had in Zephyr for Jira?


    Also, I think this would be a good idea to be shared in the ideas portal:


    Thank you.

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      Hi vpelizza 

      Thank you for the reply.


      In our case we cannot keep the tool we're migrating from, thus the link to the previous test case would work temporarily.


      I will submit this and some of the other issues we found in test of data migration I will post link here, so that people who encounter the problem with missing comments can upvote.


      A short note on the importance of comments from us: not all projects use comments functionality in jira in regards to test cases, but in the cases that do it may be to document the review process and as well some of the decisions behind the test case structure / contents. 

      A suggestion in regards to implementation could be to drop the comments thread to a multi-line field for reference - we may end up doing something similar, just using a redundant excel export of test cases with all comments included