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4 years ago

How to get a list of test cases belonging to a folder including subfolders with APIs

Hello, I am looking for a way to get a list of test cases belonging to a folder including also subfolders using API calls. If I use /testcase/search I can provide folder field into query key but in ...
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    4 years ago

    Hi, RobertoM 


    Since you're using the Confluence plugin, you're likely to be using the Server/DC version of the app. In this case, you can use the private API to achieve this.


    The endpoint is https://{{your-jira-url}}/rest/tests/1.0/testcase/search?archived=false&fields=id,key,projectId,name&maxResults=40&query=testCase.projectId+IN+({{your-project-id}})+AND+testCase.folderTreeId+IN+({{your-folder-id}})&startAt=0


    Use your Jira username and your password to authenticate, using Basic Auth authorization.


    You can get the project ID via the Jira REST API.


    Please keep in mind that this is not officially supported and therefore this endpoint might change in the future without any previous notice.


    It would be nice if you could raise this in the Ideas Portal even though this workaround works for you, so the team can gather interest around this feature and provide official ways to do it.