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3 years ago

How to automate C unit tests in TM4J

Our company has been using JIRA/Zephyr Scale(TM4J)  for some years now in an electronic embedded enviroment. At those enviroments software is basically developed in C programming language. Until now the tests are manually run. Right now we're in a process of automating part of the test generation/execution, specially those regarding unit (Unit tests). To close the circle, however, we'd require to automate execution from our CI enviroment, bamboo. Until now from bamboo we only run automatic static test, MISRA test and so on. We'd like to also execute functional tests when applicable. 


Looking at TM4J documentation, there are references to Cucumber and JUnit. I'd like to know about the possibility to integrate Unit tests of C programmed modules run with different unit testing tools, such as C unit, CppUTest or similar.


Thanks in advance,


Ignasi Villagrasa.





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