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2 months ago

Get tests from a parent folder which has sub folders under it including tests

GET /testcases?projectKey={{projectKey}}&folderId={{folderId}}.

Using the above api, I'm able to fetch tests inside the sub folder, but if I put a parent folder folder ID, it returns tests as 0. Kindly help

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    I'm not an API user but I can see from the Cloud documentation that there isn't any mention of how to manage parent/child folders.  I checked the Server API version and have pasted how it works there.  I understand that the two APIs are not interchangeable, but this might offer some clues or just prove that that function isn't available in the Cloud API (which would be odd).  Bottom line: if no one here can help and what I've pasted doesn't help, I suggest contacting SmartBear Support for assistance

    Server API

    Excerpt from endpoint: /testcase/search