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2 years ago

Get test cases request through postman failing

I am working on below request format through postman.   URI:<<JIRA-ID>>/testcases METHOD: GET REQUEST: Headers Authorization : Bearer <<TOKE...
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    2 years ago

    I'll try to help but I've used Postman for maybe 1 hour and that was a long time ago!


    How to get a bearer token help is here: Generating API Access Tokens | Zephyr Scale Cloud Documentation (  From memory this will get you a token ID that contains a token.


    I chose to create a variable for the token so I only have to enter the token once.  Here's where you would create your variable.  Note that the blurred values contain the full token text (not the token ID).  Also note the variable name and then see how I've referenced that variable in Authorisation screens in the images I sent in my previous post.


    Hopefully this helps because I've pretty much maxed out what I currently know about Postman!