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3 years ago

Firefox buttons problem.

Why Zephyr Scale buttons doesn't work on Firefox v 94.0.2 ? When try to click New button, there is no action with that. I allowed Jira to run all scripcts so there are no blockers. Month before was o...
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    3 years ago

    Hi Frank_Rahde and newbe 

    We received a response from Firefox, they confirmed it's a Firefox issue ( and provided a convenient workaround:

    The workaround is to set the `fission.autostart` setting in Firefox config page `about:config` for your current Profile to `false` and restart Firefox.
    New Firefox profiles have this value set to `false` by default, that's why creating new profile resolves the problem.
    Toggling the `fission.autostart` to `false` resolved the issue for us for the profile for which we faced the same problem with links.

    The alternative is to wait for fix to this bug:


    Best regards,