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3 years ago

Find Test cases executed per month


In my organization, i want to provide the number of test cases executed per month in Manual and automation for all the test projects.

I am trying to get that using the Zephyr gadgets, but I couldn't find any suitable option.


For finding the test case as automated/manual, we are using a custom field in each test.

Can someone let me know how to get these details in dashboard?


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    You should be able to do this using the Custom Query option and then choosing the area that contains your custom field.  If your custom field in the Test Case, click on the Test Case dropdown and select your custom field.  If you're recording the execution type in the Test Execution then that's where you'll find your custom field.


    Does this work for you?

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      And this option will be available in many types of dashboard gadgets.  For example, the throttle gadget "Zephyr Scale - Test Execution - Test execution results (overall)".  You could use that and using the custom query filter mentioned above, select executions that have been executed (fail/pass) and then restrict to either Manual or Automated execution (per your custom field values).

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    Thank you for your replies, Andy!


    Hi jvikki2012, please let the Community know if the advice was helpful.