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2 years ago

File path not being exported into Zephyr ( losing "\" when imported)

Hi all,

Hope one of you guys can help i am finding it frustrating that when the test script includes  a file path for example when the below file path is give in the script

\\C\Nasar\zephyr \help \silly questions 


Once imported via .csv it loses all the \ separators 

CNasarzephyrhelp silly questions 

I am not sharpest tool in the box ğŸ˜Š  so any help / guidance would be appreciated-  

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    Hi.  I'm guessing it's something to do with the CSV character set/encoding which doesn't have "\" as a valid character?  Might be worth checking what encoding version you're saving to as a starting point and investigating if that has the character you're using.  Am sure a web search will help here - I don't think it's a Zephyr issue.