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2 years ago

Export test cases to excel breaks up text lines

When I export a set of test cases to an Excel xls file, the text within each cell is realigned with the "carriage return" character breaking up several words of text into its own line, instead of leaving it as one paragraph.  How do I work around this issue?  It is difficult for my testers to deal with this format. For example, the text in the cell will be written in Zephyr as one block paragraph, such as:


                                       "Validate the amount offered is entered into the Amount field"


In the exported file in Excel, it will appear as:

                                               "Validate the amount


                                                 is entered into

                                                 the Amount field".


I copied/pasted the text into a Word doc to see what formatting character was placed at the end of each phrase and it shows there is a carriage return character thus breaking it up within the cell. 


Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening?  Going through thousands of cells to manually correct this is not an option.

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    I don't know how to prevent this happening but you might be able to fix it to some degree in Excel by using Find & Replace (CRTL+H) and then in the Find box pressing CTRL+J, and placing a SPACE BAR into the Replace box or try leaving it blank.  Slightly more info below and at this URL


    • Press Ctrl+H from the keyboard. As a result, the Find and Replace window will pop up. Now, go to the Find what field and press Ctrl+J. A dot (.) will show up in the box. Keep Replace with field blank. Finally, click the Replace All button.