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3 years ago

Display of test cycle view broken somewhere between firefox 85.0.1 and 94.0.2

Hi all


I've received a new workstation from my employer and after having it set up, I did some test cycle management and noticed, that the display of the test cycle list is broken for the current firefox build (94.0.2) if there's fewer cycles than the maximum number of cycles displayed on a single page (see FF94.PNG).

Since I hadn't observed this malfunction on my previous machine I checked the FF version, which was 85.0.1. Downgrading the current machine "resolved" the issue (see FF85.PNG). A *brief* search of this community and google hadn't yielded a topic addressing this issue. Is it known and slated to be addressed?




  • No need. Zephyr Scale support has gotten back to me, this is a known issue in the version we're currently using and has since been resolved.

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