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3 years ago

Deleting Zephyr Scale project and test assets

I am cleaning up our test environment which has multiple projects with Zephyr Scale enabled and a large number of test assets, attachments etc. What is the best way to delete these projects and all Zephyr Scale assets?

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    Hi nlh! Thank you for your question.


    At the moment, Zephyr Scale doesn't provide a way to cleanup all of its data from a project but you can get rid of most of it by (in that order):

    • Deleting all test plans;
    • Deleting all test cycles; 
    • Archiving all test cases and then deleting those.

    This will clean up most of Zephyr Scale data. Attachments will be deleted alongside the entities they belong to.

    However, a few entities will still remain: test case/plan/cycle folders, custom fields, custom statuses, environments, iterations, labels, datasets and custom priorities. They can be deleted one by one, but it's time consuming if you have too many of them. 

    Some data, however, cannot be deleted anyway at the moment, such as the default status, for example. These are created when you enable Zephyr Scale on a project and there's no way to delete them after that, unless deleting them directly from the database, which is not recommended or supported by the product.


    I hope you find this useful,