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2 years ago

Cannot see all test case in a test cycle



I have a test cycle containing  128 test cases. When I try to execute the test cases, only 60 test cases are listed. It seems like there is a limit in the view but there is no paging to see all test cases. 



If I collapse the list, I can see then the 4 groups of test cases. 

This doesn't feel very  user-friendly, as it is misleading that I have went through the testing of all my test case where as I still have things to test.



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    Seems strange.  Normally the list of tests expands to reveal more tests as you scroll down, but I can see you are at the end of the list.  I've not seen that before.  Have you tried opening in another browser?  Or checked permissions?  The SmartBear support team can help.  Would like to know what the cause of this is if you figure it out!  Good luck


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    I would not expect that it is related to permissions since I am able to open all test cases if I collapse the view. From what I  saw it seems like there is a limit to 60 test cases in the view.

    I am reporting this as a bug to the support team (thanks for providing the link) and will update this topic once I get info from them.

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    I have seen this too in Test Cycle view. seems like a bug.

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      I have reported it to the Zephyr support and they are still investigating it. I will be posting an update once I hear from them.