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3 years ago

Can Zephyr Scale Plugin be removed completely from Jira?


we want to evaluate Zephyr Scale in our company (currently using Zephyr Squad) and we were wondering:


  • Can we remove the Zephyr Scale Plugin completely from Jira without leaving any traces (after the proof of concept)?
  • Will Zephyr Scale affect the existing Zephyr Squad Plugin?
  • Does SmartBear also offer a Demo System of Zephyr Scale, so we don't need to install it into our local Jira instance?

Thanks a lot!

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  • Hi many 


    This should be possible. 


    Zephyr Scale creates it's own table in your Jira database to house all of your test case management data and analytics, instead of issues of type "test".


    When removing the data should also be removed successfully without trace but also without affecting iother Jira plugins. 

    As it is a separate plugin and creates its own table it should not directly affect Squad. 


    SmartBear has no demo Jira instance, however plugins can be evaluated quite easily. 


    Hope this helps