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2 months ago

Can we link Test Cases to Test Cycle during bulk upload of Test cases?

we are trying to add test cases to test cycle during bulk upload of Test cases through CSV file, but it is not showing any options for linking in Cloud JIRA, can you provide any methods that allow this or any alternate method?

Also, for below questions if possible

1.Can the Test Plans be bulk Uploaded?
2.Can the Test Cycles be Bulk uploaded?
3.Can we link Test plans to Test cycles at the time of Creation?


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    I don't think that's possible using the UI, but I guess it would be using the API endpoints in a script - not something I can help with.

    In answer to your other questions:

    1. No
    2. No
    3. Yes.  Go to the Traceability tab and search/create your Test Plan or vice versa if you're creating a Test Cycle and want to link to a Test Plan