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2 years ago

Am I alone? No JQL, really?

Question for the community. Please moderators, don't answer or close.


Am I the only person who thinks it's an absurd not to have JQL on Zephyr Scale Cloud? The standard response is that "it is on the backlog". But WHERE in the backlog is it? What priority, what can be done to change the priority? Does this question has to receive kudos? A big client to withdraw? There's no reason for it not to be available on cloud! 


When is it planned for, please?


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    I'd definitely like to have the ability to use JQL for test cases but have no idea how they would implement that feature given that the current link to Jira is an Issue.  There is some ability to use JQL according to the help files but I think it's only on the Server version.  There is an ideas portal where details of the request and response could be viewed but SmartBear are migrating all ideas onto a new portal - I think that's coming early next year.