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3 months ago

Adding/Removing Testcases within a Test Cycle via REST API.


I am currently evaluating Zephyr Scale Server as a replacement to our current TMS solution. During the evaluation I noticed that there is no PUT option for updating an existing test cycle (/testrun). I can only create (POST) and remove (DELETE). 

The key requirement that I am trying to achieve is to add/remove testcases within a test cycle without having to create a new test cycle. e.g. keep the same testRunKey. 

I found this interesting because both test plans (container of test cycles) and test cases (what test cycles contain) both can be modified via REST API.

I can add/remove testcases to a test cycle manually via the web UI, so I was expecting to be able to do the same via REST API.

If the community could help out here so I can make sure that there isn't something I am missing that would be very helpful.



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    I'd like to know the answer to this as well. The whole purpose of test cycles is to group test cases (as per the documentation ( so I'd really like to know how to add test cases to test cycles via the API. Current road block for what we need to do.