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5 years ago

Zephyr for Jira Cloud not showing menu Planning Cycle

After the UI changed in Zephyr for Jira Cloud I can no longer see the option planning cycle.

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  • Hi,


    As part of our Navigation revamp we moved away from the tabed design of the Plan test cycle page and have further subdivided the Plan Test cycle page into Cycle Summary, Search Test Executions, Manage Executions filters. These are available under the "PLANNING & EXECUTION" section of the Zephyr menu. 


    All functionality of Zephyr itself is neatly integrated into the Zephyr sub menu on the left panel, as opposed to staying on directly on the left panel. This has  been modified both at the global and at the project level to keep teh navigation experience consistent. 


    Hope this answers your question about the Planning Test cycle menu.