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5 months ago

Zephyr Enterprise- Unable to create test execution status for specific test cycle

Hi Team,


I want to create a report/test execution status for a specific cycle in Zephyr Enterprise tool. I tried using "Execution Analysis Snapshot' gadget am getting report entire release wise instead of cycle wise. There is no filter after selecting Project & Release options.


Can you please guide me, how to fetch execution status report by test cycle wise.




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  • I would check out the Execution Backlog, Execution Progress, or Test Execution by Cycle gadgets. 


    Here is a breakdown of all the Dashboard Gadgets.. Hope this helps! 


    Multi-project Reporting Gadgets


    • Execution Analysis Snapshot
      • Test execution results by status


    • Open Defects
      • Number of open defects across multiple projects and releases
      • Shows overall total of defects and a breakdown by Severity (High, Medium, Low)


    • Overall Defects
      • Number of defects filed across multiple projects and releases
      • Shows breakdown by Status (To do, In Progress, Done, Complete, New)


    • Planned VS Executed
      • Shows planned vs executed test cases trend with statuses


    • Project Status
      • High-level overview of your projects
      • Shows number if Releases, Test Cases, Executions, and Members within a project
      • Filter options: Select which projects you want to display


    • Test Case Count
      • Count of test cases in each folder within a release repository
      • Filter options: Select which projects and releases you want to display



    Project-Release Reporting Gadgets


    • Daily Pulse
      • Shows metrics of testing actives in a release over a given time period
      • Data options: Tests Created, Tests Executed, Defects linked
      • Filter options: Time frame or date range


    • Execution Backlog
      • Shows total unexecuted tests in release
      • Filter options: User, Priority, Tag, Test Cycle Phase, Test Case Custom Fields


    • Execution Progress
      • Shows execution progress for a given release
      • Data options: Select which test cycles to display in this gadget


    • Requirement Status
      • Mapped VS unmapped requirements in a release


    • Test Automation Distribution
      • Shows the percentage of automated and manual testing for your test cycles
      • Filter options: Tag, Test Cycle Phase


    • Test Automation Status
      • Shows percentage of automated test cases within a release


    • Test Case Status
      • Number of test cases
      • Filter options: Select if you want to see a count based on test case tags or who created the test case (users)


    • Test Execution by Cycle
      • Reports on test execution status per cycle within a release
      • Filter options: Select which test cycles you want to see in this gadget


    • Traceability
      • Tractability matrix for a given release
      • Filter options: Select all imported requirements or create a filter with JQL