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3 years ago

Zephyr Enterpise : Executing automatic script configuration

Hi guys,

I try to run a test cases under my cycle, I select the test case, I click on E, the I setup my panel(see picture), but nothing appen.

All the fields, less parameters came from vortex->script automation.

2 questions:

1) Why doesn't work

2) Syntax of parameter because I want to run only my test case one


I tryed to figure out Documentation, with samples, but I do not got it.

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  • It could be a number of things but for starter, try checking ZBot logs to see what's going on.
    For latest Zephyr version, it will change test execution status to WIP and execute the .bat script, and if you have provided an XML file path in your job then it will read the file and execute testcases with matching names.