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3 years ago

Unable to upload Junit report from Jenkins



I am using automation testing with UFT and axe which configure in Jenkins. There is Junit report will be produce once the testing complete. I tried to add the Junit xml file in the A.T.O.M to update the test in Jira. Can you verify if this is the correct way?


Below are the content of the Junit report:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

<testsuite errors="0" failures="0" hostname="czchowstc000898" name="Functional_Test_Suite - SanityTest_4_General_API - run_2021-09-27_06-56-28" tests="9">


<property name="Build Config" value="UFT"/>

<property name="Start" value="9/27/2021 6:56:39 AM"/>

<property name="End" value="9/27/2021 7:30:10 AM"/>


<testcase classname="tc_API_001" name="tc_API_001 - getAuthorizationStatus 1st Batch" time="145.7012076"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_002" name="tc_API_002 - getAuthorizationStatu 2nd Batch" time="140.3277823"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_003" name="tc_API_003 - getUserMenu" time="29.8437108"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_004" name="tc_API_004 - getUserStatus" time="24.1587323"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_005" name="tc_API_005 - getCustomerUserIsAuthorizedOrUnmanaged_v2" time="510.2331618"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_006" name="tc_API_006 - getCustomerUserAuthorizationApproveOrRevoke" time="5.0902929"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_007" name="tc_API_007 - getCustomerUserPropose_v2" time="521.5804594"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_008" name="tc_API_008 - getCustomerUserStatusGet_v2" time="169.1367005"/>

<testcase classname="tc_API_009" name="tc_API_009 - getCustomerFinancialAccountAuthorizationRequirement" time="29.9393889"/>



Thank you

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  • Hi amirah2603 


    Hope you are well. 

    First off, if you are using Jenkins is there a support plugin that could be used, or if you are using pipeline script in Jenkins you could just point to the APIs. 


    This brings me to the second point, you mention you are using an ATOM


    The ATOM is a zephyr Squad agent type. not Zephyr Enterprise 


    Squad is a Jira plugin for test management where as Zephyr Enterprise is a standalone solution. 


    Given you are leveraging Jenkins I would suggest using the plug in 


    "Zephyr for JIRA Test Management" or take the API route. 


    Its just easier as the build is being executed in Jenkins, given the workflow you described that is what I would do. 


    This end to end flow makes more sense to me 🙂 

    For more answers on this however I would suggest post this 



    You may get a better answer regarding the ATOM