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4 years ago

[Inside Zephyr] What Zephyr Enterprise Can Help You Accomplish Explained by Solutions Architect

Hi everyone!
We are wrapping up the Inside Zephyr event soon. This is your last chance to participate - watch the interview, answer the question under the video and win prizes. Event winners will be announced next week 🎉
Today’s Inside Zephyr interview is with Milan Verma (milan_verma), Solutions Architect for Zephyr Enterprise. Milan has been working with Zephyr Enterprise for quite some time, he knows the tool perfectly and understands the customer's needs. In this interview, we spoke about what Zephyr Enterprise can help your team accomplish and which features you should pay attention to. 
After you watch the interview, join in the discussion and you could easily win a prize*!
Today's topic for discussion:

What are your favorite features of Zephyr Enterprize, and why?


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